1600 Cooker Hood

The Syam 1600 Braai Cooker Hood is a perfect addition to any indoor cooking appliance. The 1600 Cooker Hood covers a Syam Bbq braai and a Syam Side Cooker and with the strong industrial motor you won’t have any problem with steam and smoke. Made completely from brushed 430 Stainless steel gives the Cooker Hood a modern finish. The removable and easy to clean filters makes sure that no oil or grease will go to the motor.

Standard Features
• Stainless steel
• Industrial grade motor
• High extraction volume
• Stainless filters
• Built in lights
• Mount flexibility

Important Things to Know
SYAM Braai Cooker Hoods are manufactured with keen know how on precision state of the art machinery and equipment. Premium 304 stainless steel is used in the construction of our Cooker Hood’s. Care and maintenance is easy and recommended.