Barbeque Braais – A lifestyle Choice

With the CUISINE 6 Gas Burner Braai/BBQ, we are stepping up the intensity a bit by adding two more burners, which means that cooking / braaing is faster (if required) and more heat control is offered. This is ideal for the budding chef, the accomplished cook, and the real food lover. But no matter who you are, one thing ensured is the sheer cooking pleasure a SYAM gas Braai/BBQ will bring you.

The CUISINE 6 Gas Burner comes standard with a double layered dome and rotisserie kit – extending your braaing and cooking options. It’s the dome that makes the real difference to your braaing/cooking results. Not only is your braaing time faster but you have more control over slow and fast cooking/ braaing. Now you can roast beautifully. The back burner adds a new dynamic to your cooking/braaing options.

The CUISINE 6 Gas Burner comes standard with full size drip tray and easy read heat dome thermometer – and with 6 gas burners controlled by solid die cast knobs, a self-igniting system with safety failure device fitted to the back burner, confidence in use comes easily.

BBQed, braaied, baked, grilled, stir fried, boiled *and potjied* cuisine can be prepared and enjoyed on this Cuisine 6 Gas Burner Braai/BBQ.

*With accessory side cooker.

Highlighted Features of the SYAM Cuisine 6 Gas Burner Braai/BBQ

Salient features at a glance

Standard Features

Optional Extra Accessories

NOTE: Rotisserie Kit consists of:

DC motor with low voltage transformer port | Hex rod | Spit set | Balance counter weight | Quick connect handle.


Accessorize with a stainless smoker box, stir fry pans – available in 2 sizes – 375 or 750mm in length, gas side cooker and stainless steel cupboard doors. An extra set of spits will allow you to double up on your rotisserie. Now you unit is complete to cook up a storm and enjoy.

View these accessories here.

Important Things to Know

SYAM DROP-IN gas Braais/BBQs are manufactured with keen know how on precision state of the art machinery and equipment. Premium 304 stainless steel is used in the construction of our Braai/BBQs.

The CUISINE 6 Gas Burner and accessory side cooker operates on a minimum of a 9kg LPG cylinder or can also be connected to an existing or new LPG or NG installation certified by a Registered SAQCC Gas Practitioner. For NG SYAM requires notice prior to purchase as the unit requires a conversion kit.

Care and maintenance is easy and recommended. A cotton lined PVC cover is standard.


Syam Hood Extractor for indoors. View accessories.