Room Warming Fireline Gas Fireplace Grates

The uniquely crafted SYAM 304 stainless steel Fireline Gas Fireplace Grates are an absolute experience to operate. The line of fire is mesmorizing as it dances along the burner. Create your own fireplace design with the Fireline Gas Grate and sit back and watch it come alive. The stainless steel shimmers creating an affect that enhances your fireplace. Warmth and beauty come naturally – the only way to spend those cold winter nights snuggled up by the fire. Also add a remote control for more convenience.

NOTE: The remote control is available for both LP Gas and Natural Gas options.  SYAM Fireline Gas Fireplace Grates can easily be fitted into most existing fireboxes, features or structures (non-combustible) with minimal modification and costs. Perfect if you prefer to design your own fireplace and are looking for the fireplae grate to suit. 3 models are available 600 (660mm), 800 (860mm) and 1000 (1160mm) which can be connected to an existing or new gas installation, by a Registered SAQCC Gas Practitioner. For Natural Gas operation SYAM requires notice prior to purchase as the unit requires a conversion kit.

SAFETY: SYAM Designer Gas Grates are equipped with a Co-Pilot which includes pilot, oxygen depletion sensor and flame failure device to shut down the gas supply on detecting low room oxygen levels and/or pilot failure. Heating areas range from 550m³ – however, should you require greater coverage it would be good to talk to a trained consultant first. Create the warmth and ambience in your home with a SYAM fireplace.


Gas and Fireline Fire Grates

Fireline RCS (Left) and a Fireline gas grate in action.

Standard Features – Gas

Optional Ventilation Grills

Ventilation grills are also available – where your room is below the minimum allowable size as specified by SANS 10087-1. Please refer to the specific Info Sheet which can be found in the Technical tab on this website for the minimum room size requirements without ventilation.


Above: Aluminum double sided vent grills supplied anodized or according to your colour.

Talk to a Consultant

Get all the information you need to make the right decision for your fireplace. We have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge and are here to assist you. After all, we designed our fireplaces to meet your needs. Let’s match them perfectly for you.