Fireplace Care & Maintenance

When you first receive your unit it may have a white PVC plastic film over the stainless steel to protect it. This should be carefully removed and the unit then washed with hot soapy water to get rid of any remaining glue residue. Do not use products which contain chlorides, ammonia or chemicals as this is not suitable for stainless steel.

As with anything of quality, your SYAM product deserves to be taken care of so that it always looks spectacular and performs to the standard you would expect.

Whether you have a Fireplace, Drop–In Designer Fireplace Grate, Firepit or LP Gas Cylinder Cage, a little bit of care will go a long way towards ensuring that your unit continues to look impressive.

Cleaning Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel scratches easily so NEVER use wire wool, metal brushes or abrasive powders on the casing. There are many cleaners on the market and you should try to find one that cleans and can protect the stainless steel. SYAM also stocks and supplies stainless steel cleaner.

You must always allow your fireplace to cool down to room temperature before you wipe it down.  SYAM products are made of premium stainless steel, so your appliance will clean easily and keep its appearance if cared for properly.

The use of microfiber clothes would work exceptionally well (as they do not necessarily require cleaning materials) and these are highly recommended.

Cleaning the Grate of your Fire Feature

A small amount of dishwashing liquid added to the water will help to remove dust and finger marks on your fire feature. Wipe with a damp cloth (or again, make use of a microfiber cloth) to clean.

Operators Manuals

Always reference your Operator Manual to ensure that the correct procedures for operating and maintenance are followed.