Indoor Gas & Bio Fireplaces

Attractive flueless & flued fireplaces for the modern home that are clean burning and fuel efficient providing warmth, comfort and luxury. Heat your home with a SYAM gas or bio fuel fireplace.

With a quality and uniquely designed SYAM gas or bio fuel fireplace installed in your home or office not only do you enhance you living space, you stay gloriously warm. With many configurations available, built-in, wall or floor mounted, our famous free standing Battalion firepot or if preferred, the option to purchase the fire grates only and create your own fireplace design. Single-sided or double sided; there is a gas fire or bio fuel option just for you.

For built-in, we offer different fascias – stainless steel or a black powder coated finish are standard. However, should you desire a specific colour red, all you need to do is provide us with a colour spec to match to and we will have your fascia coated to match and blend your fireplace into your decor.

Wall and floor mounted fires can be manufactured out of stainless steel, powder coated steel, stone products such as Caesar stone or non-combustible Magna board all depending on your preferred look and feel.

Our room warming Battalion firepots are manufactured from a refractory product and are really something different. Available in 3 colours – Natural, Rust and Black Rust.

Syam fireplaces are fired by its range of SYAM Designer or Fireline fire grates in Gas or our Ecoline Bio Fire Grates which are also available in various models and styles as well as manual or remote control options.


All SYAM flueless gas fireplaces are equipped with a Co-Pilot which includes pilot, oxygen depletion sensor and flame failure device to shut down the gas supply on detecting low room oxygen levels and/or pilot failure. Our CO/CO2 ratios of our flueless gas fireplaces and grates are well within the legal/safe limit set by the authorities in South Africa. All our gas appliances have Safe Appliance Verification Permits.

As flueless fires consume air (oxygen) from the room in which it is installed and produce Carbon Monoxide/Dioxide, adequate ventilation is vital for combustion and efficient performance of the fireplace as well as the escape of the product of combustion from the area it is installed Optional double sided aluminium vent grills in anodised as standard, or to your specific colour is available from Syam.

Flueless fireplaces are not permitted in bathrooms and bedrooms. They are only permitted if flued.

A SYAM fireplace is standardly flueless, but can be flued if necessary. For this however a flue adapter/attachment (optional accessory) is required and needs to be fitted prior to building in your fireplace.

SYAM offers full after-sales backup – service and parts. Rest assured that you can add to, scale up or change your current SYAM fireplace easily. Supporting all gas types – LP Gas, NG (Natural Gas) or Bio Fuel ethanol – the choice is yours.