Wood And Gas Fired Alfa Pizza Ovens

Domestic and professional wood and gas fired ovens. Premium quality and good looks are but a few qualities of Alfa Pizza ovens. These Italian made pizza ovens makes making pizza’s a fun and easy activity. Not only do Alfa pizza ovens make the best pizza but you can make desserts, lasagna’s, roasts, grills and much more. Using a range of new technologies Alfa Pizzas stay ahead in the pizza oven world. ForninoxTM patented technology combines the excellent physical properties of the steel fashioned wood cooking on the brick. The casing of the steel structure is specially designed to ensure the appropriate resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses due to the high temperatures reached. The monobloc burner GasPareTM is designed to re-create the possibility of a cooking such as a wood using LPG gas. The burner block is easily removable for maintenance. The nozzles arranged in line allow the flame that fully exploits all the energy and envelop the dome generating a convective motion of the hot air which ensures a uniform heating and fast.