Stainless Steel BBQ Braais

“Variety is the very spice of life that gives it all its flavour and these days, the art of the BBQ extends well beyond the basics, to encompass a whole new dynamic in haute cuisine: Outdoor Gourmet.” (William Cowper)

History about braaing:

The word braai evolved from the word braden (Roast in Dutch) into braaivleis (Afrikaans for grilled meat). Then it was turned into the verb braai, which means “to grill”. The word braai is used by most South Africans, regardless of the language they speak. The word braai is also associated with barbecue.

Traditionally a braai would make use of wood or charcoal, but Stainless Steel BBQ Braais have become more and more popular throughout the years for many reasons, but mostly because it’s an effective and effortless method of braaing.

At the end of the day, a braai is a braai, regardless of what you use. It’s a South African thing and it’s about spending time with friends / family and just having a good time. Inviting friends and family over for braai’s is a way of life in our country. Mzansi has flourished over the decades. The South African backyard has now made way for a sophisticated and luxurious braaing experience. Make-shift and unfashionable grills have lost their charm, while sleek and stylish stainless steel BBQ braais have entered into our lifestyles.

About Syam Distributors:

Established in 2004, Syam Distributors is grown to be an industry leading Stainless Steel BBQ Braai Supplier all over South Africa. We strive to be innovative and focus on attention to detail to ensure that our clients receive superior quality products and reliable services. At Syam our Stainless Steel BBQ Braais are manufactured using the best materials, they are tested and approved, as well environmentally friendly. We pay close attention to detail and guarantee quality, elegance and practical appliance solutions.

Syam’s Drop-in Stainless Steel, Gas BBQ braais are manufactured by using precision state of the art machinery and equipment. Premium 304 stainless steel is used in the construction of our BBQ braai’s.

Syam offers quality braai’s that will help you in braaing the ultimate and uniquely ‘South African’ meal for your guests. You can rest easy, knowing that your braai will always be ready for that all important get together.

At Syam we offer the following high quality Stainless Steel BBQ Braais:

Drop-in BBQ Braais: 
Mobile BBQ Braais: 


Syam has designed an exclusive range of accessories, all compatible with our premier range of Stainless Steel BBQ braais. These accessories have been created with the client in mind. We offer a myriad of choices to suit any individual style. If you are looking for a neat and practical finish for your stainless steel BBQ braai, Syam Distributors offers the ideal products.