Room Warming Gas or Bio Fuel Floor and Wall Mounted Fireplace

Syam floor and wall mounted flueless fireplaces are designed around a simplistic installation while maintaining a “work of art”visually appealing concept. These fires can be easily mounted against a wall at your preferred height or even at floor level reducing costly and messy alteration or building work. Available in 3 sizes 750 / 950 / 1250 and can be supplied in stainless steel, powder coated steel, non-combustible magna board or various stone products such as caesar stone, quartz or granite in your desired colour or finish.

Custom floor and wall mounted flueless fireplaces can be designed to suit your unique requirement, style and materials using our range of fire grates. Please feel free to contact your Syam representative to advise you further.

SYAM Fireglass and Pebbles offer a range of elegant final touches to your fireplace when fired with the Designer fire grate burner . Fireline and Ecoline fire grate burner options do not require Syam Fireglass or Pebbles.

For sheer convenience, add a remote control (optional extra) for your convenience.

Heating areas range up to 550m³ – and should you require greater coverage it would be good to talk to a trained consultant first.


Gas & Bio Fuel Compatibility

All SYAM fireplaces are compatible with LP Gas, Natural Gas and Bio Fuel. Talk to a Consultant to get more advice.

Bio Fuel is especially useful as an energy source where LP or Natural Gas is not accessible, such as apartment buildings or offices (installation prohibiting or gas not available).

NOTE: A Bio Fuel Fireplace has a lower heating capacity than gas and do not offer remote control function.

Create the warmth and ambience in your home with a SYAM fireplace.

Floor and Wall Mount Fireplaces


Colour-Coding and Material Options – Just to suit YOU


Powder Coated Steel supplied to your specific colour requirement (left) and Ceasar Stone Wall Mounted supplied to your specific finish.

Standard Features – Gas

Standard Features – Bio

Optional Ventilation Grills & Flue Attachments

Ventilation grills are also available – where your room is below the minimum allowable size as specified by SANS 10087-1. Please refer to the specific Info Sheet which can be found in the Technical tab on this website for the minimum room size requirements without ventilation.


Above: Aluminum double sided vent grills supplied anodized or according to your colour.