Wood Burning Fireplaces Cassette Inserts

The ideal solution for your new or existing wood burning fireplace

High technical quality combined with stylish design. Enjoy those relaxing hours in the splendour of a new LINEAR Standard fireplace cassette, while enjoying more warmth and greater safety.

A very well sealed fireplace provides 100% protection against flying sparks and smoke nuisance into living areas.

And also you should consider that open fireplaces will achieve a significantly higher efficiency when a cassette insert has been installed.

Available sizes

Principle Operation

  1. Combustion air (In this case via optional flow pipe)
  2. Combustion air inlet
  3. Convection air outlet
  4. Secondary air wash
  5. Primary air
  6. Flue gas outlet
  7. Optional fan

Example of installation

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SYAM is an exclusive distribution partner for Spartherm wood burning fireplaces and stoves from Germany.

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