Ceiling Mount Fireplaces

Add sophistication to your home


The perfection of geometry allied with the purity of fire. This rounded, compact fireplace is a serene, discreet yet warm presence, pivoting so the fire can be viewed from any point in the room. The GYRO fireplace is a perfect balance between style and technology.


The sleek lines of the CURVO embraces the flames and with its generous smile, makes a traditional or contemporary space more welcoming. The CURVO is a must have for all those who want to warm up the room comfortably.


The elegant shape of this open fire maximises its heat efficiency, and its pure lines are perfectly proportioned. Easy to clean and install, its blend of function and form makes the FURNO one of the most popular suspended models.


The HELIX is better suited to larger rooms or spaces with higher ceilings. Its more generous dimensions are enclosed in heat resistant glass doors, offering a view of the fire from every corner of the room. The curves naturally blend into the body of this fireplace resulting in an elegant fiery master piece.


The perfect accessory for contemporary living, ideal for installation in any room. The symmetrical look blends into its surroundings with the exception of the dancing flame peacefully enchanting everyone who lays their eyes on the GLOBE. Freestanding on the floor the installation is extremely simple.


The SPHERE has a unique exquisite appearance which whispers its presence. This flueless Bio Fuel fireplace is smokeless and odourless. The flames have a mesmerizing affect and is ideal for any room. The stainless steel finish reveals a clean incredibly beautiful fireplace.

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