Drop-in Gas Fireplace or Bio Fuel Fireplace Fire grates

Visually appealing room warmer - A Designer Gas Fireplace

Our drop-in Gas Fireplace and Bio Fuel grates are flueless, clean-burning and fuel efficient. As an easily installed fireplace, you are able to express your creativity and individuality. Mount it into a flat surface such as a table or a plinth, in the middle of a room or almost any existing fireplace.

Use a SYAM high quality 304 stainless steel gas fireplace or bio fuel fire grate to create your own fireplace – to match your style. That’s right, get all the safety features, and install it into your own space and with your own finishes. Also, add a remote control for more convenience, or for home automation integration.

Gas Fireplaces heat up large areas in a very short space of time, our gas fireplaces are made with the emphasis on styling and individuality. With thousands of units in service in South Africa and Abroad we are confident that our Gas Fireplace Drop-in Grates will ensure that you have a clean burning solution to your winter heating needs

Remote control option available with both –

Gas Fireplaces And Bio Fuel Fireplaces

SYAM Designer gas fireplace drop-in grates are constructed from stainless steel and can easily be fitted into most existing fireboxes, features or structures (non-combustible) with minimal modification and costs. Perfect if you prefer to design your own gas fireplace or bio fireplace and are looking for the gas or bio grate to suit.

Bio Fuel options available, Bio Fuel is especially useful as an energy source where LP or Natural gas is not accessible, such as apartment buildings or offices (installation prohibiting or gas not available).

Create the warmth and ambiance in your home with a SYAM fireplace.

Choose a Gas Fireplace Drop-in Grate or Bio Fuel Drop-in Grate that suites your style.

Perfect and beautiful on its own or in a SYAM Fireplace.

DESIGNER Gas Fireplace Grate
FIRELINE Gas Fireplace Grate
ECOLINE Bio Fuel Fireplace Grate

Available Models:
Gas: 500 | 700 | 900 | 1200 | 1600 | 2100
Bio: 300 | 500 | 700 | 900 | 1200 | 1600 | 2100

Contact us for full product specification.

Ignition Options:

SYAM are stockists of Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel.
Eco-Friendly | Non-Petroleum | 100% Renewable Energy Source
Contact us to replenish your stock.

Decorative Accessories available for the Designer Gas Fire Grate option

NOTE: Decorative accessories can be used for the Fireline Gas Fireplace Drop-in Grate and the Ecoline Bio Fuel Fireplace Drop-in Grate, provided that they are not placed inside the flame generated by the burner (placed around the burner flame).

Interested in Drop-in Gas and Bio Firegrates?