Braai FAQ's

SYAM Distributors was started in 2004, and is a family run business, who has built the company up into one of the leading brands in South Africa. With distributors all over the country and neighbouring countries, SYAM has the opportunity to provide the best, most affordable and elegant products, to compliment your home where ever you may be. If you have a question that is not covered in this list below, get in touch and we will certainly give you an answer. Q. How do you light the back burner? A. As a safety option on our Braai/BBQ's with back burners, there is a safety control valve which will have to be pressed in simultaneously when the turning of the rotisserie control knob, in order to ignite the back rotisserie burner. A thermocouple is fitted to the back infra-red burner and once this gets hot (aprox 20 seconds) then the safety valve can be released as the valve will now remain open. Q. Do you have an approved installers list? A. Where our products can operate on a 9 kg LPG cylinder such as a mobile Braai/BBQ then a gas installation is not required. For all products which require a gas installations the law requires that this shall be carried out by a Registered SAQCC Gas Practitioner. The best is to visit the LP Gas Safety Association website for a list of registered practitioners in your area. Always check credentials and get references before taking on an installer. You are also required to be issued with a COC (Certificate of Compliance) once the installation is complete. Q. Is your Braai/BBQ easy to clean? A. Yes, our Braai/BBQ has been designed to be easily cleanable, whereby you can take out all cooking grills, flame tamers, burners and drip tray. You can then use sunlight liquid and hot soapy water to clean your Braai/BBQ. Do not use cleaning detergents which contain chlorides, ammonia and other harsh chemicals as this will react with the stainless steel and damage your Braai/BBQ. Microfibre clothes are great to use on our stainless steel products. Q. Can I buy a SYAM Braai/BBQ over the internet? A. You can certainly view and decide online and then telephonically finalise with a consultant. It is highly recommended that you view the product itself -touch and feel - operate and take advantage of the skill and experience of our sales staff to correctly advise you. But you certainly can order should you feel you have defined the product for you! Q. What certification does SYAM have regarding safety and design of products? A. All SYAM gas products have been tested by an accredited SANAS laboratory for compliance with SANS 1539 and carry permit issued by the LPGSASA according to the "Safe Appliance Scheme" and prides itself on been members of IID (Institute of Interior Design Professions), SASSDA (Southern Africa Stainless Steel Association), and the LP Gas Safety Association. Q. What documentation do I get when I have made my purchase? A. Standardly, every Braai/BBQ comes with an Operators Manual. Product dimensional drawings and Built-In plans are also available for each SYAM product. Q. Do your Braai/BBQs rust and corrode after a period of time? A. Our Braai/BBQs are constructed of 304 stainless steel. This material possesses an especially useful characteristic in resisting corrosion in that it performs much better under those oxidizing conditions which are harmful to ordinary steels and too many of the non-ferrous metals and alloys. With proper care and maintenance your SYAM Braai/BBQ should last you for many years. Q. Does your SYAM Braai/BBQ have of a warmer draw? A. No, our Braai/BBQ does not have a warmer draw, although the dome lid can be used as a warming option as well as an oven in order to bake pizza, cakes or pastries. Q. Are there spares available for my SYAM Braai/BBQ? A. Yes, we do have all spares available for our Braai/BBQ's and an excellent Technical team to assist you with the servicing of the Braai/BBQ.