Gas Water Geyser FAQ’s Q. Can I mount them in the roof A. No you must have access and a visual contact so that if there is a gas leak which catches fire it is seen immediately. Q. Can I use one geyser for the whole house A. Yes providing only one tap is used at a time. Ideally you should have one unit to run the bathrooms and an 8lt for the kitchen. This because in the bathroom you would set the unit to supply water at 40 degrees and in the kitchen 55 degrees. Our new 16lt constant temperature unit does allow you to now run two taps at the same time. Q. Will a larger unit use more gas A. It will use the gas quicker but will produce more hot water. A liter of water require a certain amount of gas to heat it regardless of the size of the unit. Q. What is your largest unit view A. a 20lt, but this is not suitable for home use other than to heat a Jacuzzi as its minimum flow is 10lt/min which is faster than a basin tap will cope with. This means that it will shut off if the required flow is not there. It also takes 2 x 48kg cylinders and a 4kg regulator to operate it. Q. What size geyser do I need: view A. If you often use the bath then a 16lt, If you mainly shower and occasionally use the bath then a 12lt, If you only shower then a 10lt or an 8lt for an outbuilding shower or a kitchen. Click here to view our guide