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Syam Distributors is an exclusive distribution partner for Spartherm Germany wood burning fireplaces and stoves from Germany. For many years it has ranked as one of the leading manufacturers of modern log and wood burning fireplaces and stoves in Germany and Europe, as well as one of the most technically innovative.   But unlike many of its competitors, this firm does not just produce “off the peg”. As well as ultramodern production processes including innovative CAD technology, sophisticated 3D programs and CNC controlled production, this company still makes things by hand, following a good old tradition – with outstanding results. Cutting, polishing, galvanizing and enamelling are carried out at the company’s own factory. Entirely to the customer’s particular requirements. Logs are the oldest fuel of all. Correctly used and burnt in a modern Spartherm unit, giving you and the environment the assurance of a carbon-neutral energy source that’s also good news for your neighbours. Modern storage technology is coming in – with 30 per cent growth rates   However, the future is not so much about fire as about water. The big trend now is for intelligent storage technology, with annual growth rates of 30 per cent being achieved by the water-heating stoves and fireplace inserts developed and constantly optimized by SPARTHERM and the company’s Helix, Thermobox and Magnetherm product ranges. Innovative technology combined with traditional craftsmanship   But back to the development and design centre in Melle. Innovative technologies and traditional craftsmanship are not incompatible here. Quite the opposite, in fact: they actually complement and benefit each other. Tool making and, above all, automation of the production processes allow any particular heating cassette or fireplace insert to be made – and in a remarkably short time.
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Our free standing wood burning fireplaces are unique and give off the quality heat you looking for, They are not only effective in keeping the family warm but to also bring the family together. The elegance of the fire is phenomal giving your home the finsih touch. All our Wood Fireplaces for Sale.
Cassette Inserts  where the best will do, Our wood burning fireplaces are promising and will keep you warm. We try offer the best to our clients being the cassette insert this wood burning unit is easily placed making it easier for our clients.
Fire Inserts that will warm your beautiful home , a elegant piece item with beauty in the flames. We offer this product for warmth and that home feel you looking for , adding a bit more to your home while bringing the family together on a cold winter day.
Our premium selection is rare and unique to the wood burning industry , premium the name says it all . This wood fire is the prefect option for all our client , warth and elgant the premium selection has it.
Our premium fire inserts is rare and unique to the wood burning industry , premium the name says it all . This wood fire warm your home and bring you family together , sit around the fire enjoy and tell some stories whilst the night gets old .