Toolboxes FAQ's

  SYAM supplies quality mobile Toolboxes to industry, in various drawer configurations and sizes. Keep your tools or prize possessions neatly stored in these compact units. Should you not find your question here, feel free to drop us a line and we will gladly answer your question/s - it may even find itself on our FAQs page. Q. Do your Toolboxes carry a warranty? A. Yes they do! A standard 12 month warranty against defective parts and workmanship. Q. Do you carry spares for your Toolboxes? A. Yes, we do carry all spares which are available to purchase or we can repair for you. Q. If I lose my Toolboxes keys, can I get replacements? A. Yes, we do carry all spare keys, which are available to purchase. All we require is the lock identification numbers and proof of purchase or ownership. We can only supply spare keys under these conditions. Q. How long does Powder Coating last? A. This is a very difficult thing to determine, as there are many things to consider here. The operating conditions, weather and temperature, humidity, indoors or outdoors operation and so on. If cared for properly your unit will last for many years to come. Q. Is it possible to buy a different colour than the standard colours offered? A. As the powder coating is an integral part of the production line, minimum quantities are required. The minimum quantities depend on the various models. Please feel free to discuss with your SYAM Consultant. Q. Can I open up all drawers fully at the same time? A. No, this will imbalance the chest and will cause it to fall forward, in turn damaging the unit and also may cause harm to user. We strongly advise against this practice. Q. How do I care & maintain my Toolbox for maximum benefit? A. It is always a good idea to use non-abrasive cleaning agents and always apply a rinsing cloth after washing - to get any soapy residue off - as this attracts a stickiness to the unit. A dishwashing liquid such as Sunlight would work perfectly. Make sure to dry thoroughly. Q. What other products does SYAM offer? A. SYAM has been designing and importing high quality Stainless Steel gas Fireplaces, Outdoor Gas Firepits, Braais/BBQs and LP Gas Cylinder cages since 2005. You can access the sidebar to link to these separate websites.