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Toolboxes & Workbenches

No home is complete without a well organised tool chest. We provide a quality and long lasting solution, ensuring that your tools are organised and stored perfectly. Our vast range of tool chests

and storage chests are ideal for home owners, artists, mechanics and individuals.

Anybody will benefit from the functionality of one of our tool chests.

SYAM supplies quality mobile Tool or Storage Chests / Boxes to industry, in various drawer configurations and sizes. Keep your tools or prize possessions neatly stored in these compact units. Ideal

companions for motor mechanics and chefs alike.

Maintaining your SYAM Tool or Storage Chest/Box

It is a lot easier than you might think to care, clean and maintain your Syam tool and storage chest/box. The most important aspect of tool/storage chest maintenance is to keep your unit free from

dust. We recommend that you wipe the unit down with a micro fiber / soft cloth. Every now and again make sure to wipe your storage/ tool unit with a damp cloth or wet wipe. Proceed to dry

your unit with a soft a cloth. Then finally, periodically spray your drawer slider roller bearings and wheel caster bearings with a good quality lubricant such as Q20.

27 X 7 Toolbox
27 X 8 Toolbox
27 X 12 Toolbox
Our 7 drawer stainless steel diamond pattern unit is designed with larger drawers. Larger drawers enable storage of your goods in fewer drawers. Consisting of a bottom 4 drawer and top 3 drawer configuration this is ideal for a number of applications.
This 8 Drawer tool or storage mobile unit is perfect for commercial use or your home. Keep your valued tools and possessions safe and well maintained. Consisting of a bottom 5 drawer and top 3 drawer configuration is ideal for everyone alike.
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The 12 drawer tool or storage mobile unit is medium but comprehensive enough to house your favorite items without encroaching too much on your space. Consisting of a bottom 7 drawer and top 5 drawer configuration this is ideal for a large range of tools or components.
31 X 4 Toolbox
41 X 19 Toolbox
46 X 9 Workbench
For the ease of having your trade tools all together by your side when you need them and then rolled back to their place.This 4 drawer and top lid cart is designed with this in mind and built to serve you.
This extra-tall large 19 Drawer tool or storage mobile unit is easy to roll and lets you take your tools and supplies right to the job. Consisting of a bottom 12 drawer and top 7 drawer configuration this is ideal for a large range of tools or components.
This uniquely crafted work bench gives you the benefit of a tool chest and work bench in an all in one design. This unit is fitted with heavy duty lockable casters supported with a reinforced base which offers added strength, enabling ease of rolling your tools to the job site.
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