Wall And Floor Mount Gas or Bio Fuel Fireplaces

SYAM floor and wall mounted flueless fireplaces are designed around a simplistic installation while maintaining a “work of art” visually appealing concept. These fires can be easily mounted against a wall at your preferred height or even at floor level reducing costly and messy alteration or building work. Available in 3 sizes 750 / 950 / 1250 and can be supplied in stainless steel, powder coated steel, non-combustible fireproof board or various stone products such as Dekton stone, quartz or granite in your desired colour or finish.

Custom floor and wall mounted flueless fireplaces can be designed to suit your unique requirement, style and materials using our range of fire grates. Please feel free to contact your SYAM representative to advise you further.

Remote control option available

Choose a Fire Grate that suites your style.

Perfect and beautiful on its own or in a SYAM Fireplace.

ECOLINE Bio Fuel Grate

Available Models:
Gas: 750 | 950 | 1250 | 1650
Bio: 750 | 950 | 1250 | 1650

Custom sizes available on request

Contact us for full product specification.

Ignition Options:

SYAM are stockists of Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel.
Eco-Friendly | Non-Petroleum | 100% Renewable Energy Source
Contact us to replenish your stock.

Decorative Accessories available for the Designer Gas Fire Grate option

NOTE: Decorative accessories can be used for the Fireline Gas Fire Grate and the Ecoline Bio Fuel Fire Grate, provided that they are not placed inside the flame generated by the burner (placed around the burner flame).

Interested in Wall And Floor Mount Gas or Bio Fuel Fireplaces?