The SYAM Workshop

SYAM has invested in local manufacture in order for job creation and being able to supply our local customers with products made from South African stainless steel and various other materials.

A variety of state-of-the-art machinery manufacture a wide range of standard products as well as customer specific items on request. The machinery consists of the latest technology CNC Laser Cutting Equipment, CNC Bending Machines, Punching and Stamping Machines, CNC Turning Centres, Milling Machines, Welding Equipment, Injection Moulding Equipment, Polishing and Various other pieces of Machinery. We manufacture our own products including Steel Fabrication, Steel Machining, Board work and Stone work.

Standard and Custom Products include:

Metal Fabrication

SYAM Steel Fabrication Department is capable  of designing through 3D software and converting the designs into readable files directly to the various machinery by means of a wireless connection to reduce programming times and errors. Prime certified stainless steel materials are mainly used in the production of the various products. Strict quality control process and procedures are adhered to. We hope to achieve our manufacturing lead time giving our clients the best services that SYAM has to offer.


With our SYAM Steel Machining Department we are able to precisionly machine most of the components such as fittings for our manufactured products in-house. We run large quantities of brass  fittings which are used in the gas industry. We are also able to manufacture customer specific requirements should they be requested.

Vapour and liquid gas manifolds, pigtails as well as associated equipment are also manufactured  in this department in line with the national standards and specifications.

Fire Resistant Board Work Fabrication

We offer fire resistant board work to our clients to give more of a option for all the fireplaces making it easier to put in your home. We can also offer the fireproof stone cladding to the custom board work to suite your specific needs.

We offer our customers their unique and individual concepts to house our products. Any design design you dream of, we are happy to make it a reality.

Stone Surface Fabrication

We have facilities to do the stone slab work, we look to provide our clients more, we do a variety of stone work cut by water jet for clean straight or mitred edges. This enables for a smooth and professional finish.  The stone can be cladded to our fire proof boarding in a special way so that the board acts as heat installation to the board. The thickness of the stone work can start from 4mm which is ideal for vertical cladding due to the weight factor.

With this addition to our offering, SYAM is able to offer our most valued clients a complete turnkey solution.

Our Machinery in Action

Fire Resistant Board Cutting

Stainless Steel Laser Cutting

CNC Machining

CNC Stainless Steel Bending

Waterjet Cutting

Laser Welding

Should you require any custom items, feel free to contact us