LPG and NG installations

Clean burning energy with peace of mind.

Our gas installation division offers our valued clients a one stop shop in which they can purchase there gas appliance and installation of it from SYAM. Our installers are registered with SAQCC Gas as well as in-house trained on the correct and proper gas installation of our appliances in domestic and commercial markets.

All our gas installations are carried out in accordance with the national regulations SANS 10087 (LPG) & SANS 827 (NG). On completion of the gas installation a COC (Certificate of Compliance) is issued to the client by our SAQCC Registered Gas Practitioner.

Compressed gas installations

Inert gases – nitrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide.

Oxidant gases – nitrous oxide, oxygen

Flammable gases – hydrogen, methane, acetylene, propylene

Medical gases – medical oxygen, medical air, nitrous oxide

Food gases – nitrogen, carbon dioxide, mixtures of O2/CO2/N2, sulphur dioxide, ethylene oxide

On-site inspection and testing

SYAM is also equipped with the latest calibrated digital electronic gas installation and on-site testing equipment to ensure your gas installation is designed and installed correctly and safely:
  • Flue gas analysis – CO, CO2, CO/CO2 ratio, O2, XS air, temperature, efficiency with printout.
  • Gas leak tightness testing – timed let by/tightness test with printout.
  • Gas leak pin pointing – by probe.
  • Draught/differential pressure measurement with timer.
  • Operating/working pressure report with printout.
  • Timed CO build up tests with printout.
  • Flow & return temperature with printout.

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